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Rib pain during pregnancy

Rib pain in pregnancy is fairly common as the baby grows and the baby bump gets bigger. The rib cage has to expand to make room for the baby, and if the rib joints on the back are too tense, it won't work. As a result, there is pain at the rib joints of the spine or at the sternum. By lying backwards on the Backpod®, the ribs are gently stretched and the tension is released.

The Backpod® is especially good for stretching these posterior rib joints. Other aids for treating the spine, such as foam rollers or exercise balls do not work here. Because of the long, cylindrical shape of a roller, no targeted pressure can be applied to the blocked rib joint. All balls and rollers are simply too unstable, so you can't release the muscle stiffness. If the aids are too soft, like a rolled towel or tennis ball, not enough pressure can be applied. The small, stable, tapered shape of the Backpod® was specifically designed to help stretch tight rib joints again.

When a tight rib cage is stretched, the shortened muscles between the ribs must also be stretched at the same time. For instructions on how to do this, see our 10-minute video: fixing costochondritis. The twisting stretch shown next is also useful, but only while the baby bump is not yet too large.

The seated massage described in the Backpod® user guide can also be used throughout pregnancy. Feel your way up to the lower back.


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