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The Backpod is a unique treatment tool that mobilises your spine and stretches your chest muscles to fight back and neck pain.
Proven to relieve back and neck pain
Stretches the chest muscles
Reduces tension in the upper back
5 minutes of regular use is enough
Developed by experts in New Zealand
100% recycable
Unique design

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The Backpod® - Lie back and feel the difference

The Backpod® and the accompanying treatment programme counteract back pain.  The Backpod® releases tension in the upper back muscles, it mobilises the spine and stretches the muscles in the chest area. This ensures an upright posture. Regular use ensures that this posture is maintained, breathing is made easier and back pain does not return.  

Product Specification

  • Breite:

    12.5 cm

  • Höhe:

    5.5 cm

  • Gross weight:

    365 g

  • Green santoprene:

    225 g

  • Blue core:

    140 g

Ideal against hunchback, iHunch, tension pain in the upper back and costochondritis.

No other tool mobilises the spine as well as the Backpod®. At the same time, its shape ensures a very good stretching of the muscles in the chest area. And this interaction ensures a significant improvement in posture.

The Backpod® is extremely easy to use.

The Backpod® does all the work for you - all you have to do is lie back and feel the difference!

So small, that it fits in any suitcase.

Make the Backpod® your travel partner. Take it with you on every journey. After long drives, flights or train journeys, it is a relief for your back when you can lie down on the Backpod.

Easy to use

The core is made of polycarbonate, the cover of hyperallergenic polypropylene. Both 100% recyclable. Developed and produced in New Zealand.

How to use the Backpod®



Place the Backpod® with its blue surface on a firm and non-slip surface. We recommend that you position cushions above the Backpod® at the beginning of the treatment. The cushions reduce the pressure in the beginning. Make sure that you choose the number of cushions so that you lie horizontally on the floor. You can progressively reduce the number of cushions to achieve a greater stretch (it may take up to three weeks before you no longer need cushions)


Correct positioning

Sit on the floor and slowly lie down with your back on the Backpod®. Position the Backpod® lengthwise between the shoulder blades along the spine. During the first few applications you may experience an unpleasant feeling of pressure. This will disappear after the first few applications. We promise.


Adjusting your position

Rest your head on the cushions, bend your legs at the knees and cross your arms behind your head. Alternatively, you can rest your arms on the floor at your sides.


What you should pay attention to

Make sure that your shoulders do not rest on the cushions and that your chin is tilted towards your chest. Your upper body is now in the correct position. Your spine is now getting mobilised and the chest muscles are getting stretched.


Relax and hold

Hold the position for about 30 seconds and then adjust slightly so that you move the backpod slightly upwards to mobilise the rib joints. Remember to lie relaxed so that the chest muscles are stretched and you get the best possible effect. Relax and breathe consciously into the abdomen!

Quick usage guide

Download user guide

User guide for home user

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Backpod® work?

The spherical shape of the Backpod® enables mobilisation of the thoracic spine. The spine is exposed to particular stresses due to the prevailing lifestyle, which is mainly represented by the extensive use of mobile phones and predominantly sedentary work at a desk. The resulting iHunch, can cause massive back pain and neck pain and is therefore one of the big issues of the moment.

The constant forward bending posture causes the chest muscles to shorten, the back muscles to weaken in their holding function and the spine to develop into a hunchback. Regular use of the Backpod® can eliminate the causes of the pain, especially the incorrect posture. Preventive use is also recommended.

Place the Backpod®, lying on the floor, between your shoulder blades, place 2 pillows under your head and rest your arms at the sides of your body. Now feel the Backpod® working through the pressure of your own body weight. Stay in this position for five minutes. After this time, release the position and you will already feel a change after the first use.


How do I clean the Backpod®?

A damp cloth with a mild, lukewarm soap solution is sufficient for this. Clean the green outer skin of the Backpod®.

Please do not clean the Backpod® under running water or even immerse it in water. This could fill the blue core with water that you cannot remove afterwards.

Under no circumstances should you put the Backpod® in the dishwasher or microwave.

The Backpod® should not be taken apart. Turning the green outer shell upside down can result in cracks.

Is the Backpod® recyclable?

Yes, 100%. The blue core of the Backpod® is made of polycarbonate and is assigned to recycling code 07. The green outer shell is made of polypropylene and belongs to recycling code 05.


Susanne Wiggenhauser

"The Backpod is a great invention! I’m a nurse, which can be very physically demanding and I often have problems with my upper back after standing all day. I have used the Backpod to alleviate several problems - even my iHunch has improved significantly through the exercises. It’s easy to use and I cannot recommend it enough."

Beyza Ipek

"I have always had pain in my shoulder blades, which have caused many medical visits. I have also suffered from weak back muscles and incorrect posture due to working on a laptop. After discovering the Backpod can be used for pain like this, I immediately bought one and I have to say honestly this is a miracle cure. At first, I was not sure if my pain could be lessened but after regular use, a significant improvement was felt. The Backpod helped ease the tension in my shoulder blades and I no longer need to have physiotherapy."

Backpod TV - More answers here

Visit our Youtube channel for an extensive selection of tutorials and informative videos about the Backpod.

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