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The Backpod is a unique treatment tool that mobilises your spine and stretches your chest muscles to fight back and neck pain.
Proven to relieve back and neck pain
Stretches the chest muscles
Reduces tension in the upper back
5 minutes of regular use is enough
Developed by experts
Unique design

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The Backpod® - Lie back and feel the difference

The Backpod® and the accompanying treatment programme for at home. It relieves back pain through its shape and  the stimulators inside the Backpod® .  The Backpod® releases tension in the upper back muscles.  It ensures an upright posture and mobilises the spine by activating the collagen in the upper back and stretching the chest muscles.  Regular use ensures that it stays that way.

Product Specification

  • Breite:

    12.5 cm

  • Höhe:

    5.5 cm

  • Gross weight:

    365 g

  • Green santoprene:

    225 g

  • Blue core:

    140 g

Ideal for hunching, poor posture and costochondritis

No other device or treatment gives you as good a stretch as the Backpod®. Perfect for pain-free posture.

Simple self-treatment

The Backpod® does all the work for you - all you have to do is lie back and feel the difference! You can use the Backpod® when and where you want.

Compact and portable

Make the Backpod® your travel partner to help you stretch after long flights, or use it while driving by placing it between the backrest and your back - you'll never have to strain your back or neck again!

One-time investment

Long-lasting relief from recurring pain with an investment that will last a lifetime if used with care.

How to use the Backpod®



Place the Backpod® with its blue surface facing down on a firm and non-slip surface. We recommend that you place cushions above the Backpod®, under your head when you begin. The cushions reduce the pressure exerted on your back. Make sure that you use enough cushions so that they allow you to lie horizontally on the floor. We recommend three cushions to begin with. You can gradually reduce the number of cushions to achieve a greater stretch (it may take up to two or three weeks before you stop using cushions completely)


Correct positioning

Sit on the floor and slowly lie down with your back on the Backpod®. Position the Backpod® lengthwise between the shoulder blades along the spine.


Adjusting your position

Rest your head on the cushions, bend your legs at the knees and cross your arms behind your head. Alternatively, you can rest your arms on the floor at your sides.


What you should pay attention to

Make sure that your shoulders are not resting on the cushions and that your chin is tilted towards your chest. Your upper body now lies on the Backpod® and stretches your spine in the direction of your natural posture


Relax and hold

Hold the position for about 30 seconds and then adjust slightly so that you move the Backpod® upward, to shoulder level, and out to the side to allow the rib hinges to expand. Remember to relax your chin and shoulders so that the pectoral muscles are stretched and you achieve a full stretch. Relax and breathe consciously into your belly!

Quick usage guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Backpod® work?
The Backpod® is designed to stretch a curved and stiffened upper and middle back.

You are about to change your life and save money by not needing expensive physical therapy. You can help yourself with the Backpod®. Your own body weight provides the strength, and the shape of the Backpod® narrows down the particular areas that need to be loosened.
It requires no electricity and is easy to transport. Some users may find it uncomfortable, but that comes with all the useful stretches. It has a polycarbonate core (the same material used in jet windshields) and surgical rubber padding.

When the joints in the spine are too pinched and the tissue around it tightens, you can no longer loosen and relieve this with regular movement. It is no longer enough to just "sit up straight" - you don't have the leverage to free a particular joint or loosen the stiffness.

It is recommended that the Backpod® be used lying down, but it can also be used sitting up. Especially by commuters - simply prop it behind your back against the seat for an extra stretch. It is small enough to fit in a purse or other piece of luggage - so easy to
to take with you.

How do I properly care for the Backpod ®?
Use a warm, damp sponge or towel, and mild soap if necessary, to clean the outer green layer of the Backpod®.

Do not wash the Backpod® under a faucet or immerse it in a sink or wash basin - the inner core may fill with water. Do not place the Backpod® in the microwave, dishwasher, washing machine or oven. Do not remove the flexible green outer layer of the Backpod® as its backward bending can potentially cause internal cracks.

Product specifications
Width: 12.5 cm
Height : 5.5 cm

Total weight : 365g

Green santoprene: 225g
Blue core: 140g
Recycling : 100% recyclable

Manufacturer Bodystance Ltd Studio 9,

31 Dowling Street Dunedin 9016, New Zealand

Import: Bodystance GmbH, Berliner Platz 10 D-97080 Würzburg, Germany


Susanne Wiggenhauser

"The Backpod is a great invention! I’m a nurse, which can be very physically demanding and I often have problems with my upper back after standing all day. I have used the Backpod to alleviate several problems - even my iHunch has improved significantly through the exercises. It’s easy to use and I cannot recommend it enough."

Beyza Ipek

"I have always had pain in my shoulder blades, which have caused many medical visits. I have also suffered from weak back muscles and incorrect posture due to working on a laptop. After discovering the Backpod can be used for pain like this, I immediately bought one and I have to say honestly this is a miracle cure. At first, I was not sure if my pain could be lessened but after regular use, a significant improvement was felt. The Backpod helped ease the tension in my shoulder blades and I no longer need to have physiotherapy."

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