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Perfect Posture

With the Backpod® you can improve your natural posture. With an upright posture you increase your self-confidence, your basic mood and your well-being. Perfect posture sends a deep, immediate body language message of confidence, self-esteem, presence, value - literally, balance. In comparison, a more stooped posture sends a message of submission, lack of self-confidence, lack of self-esteem, and submissiveness. So there are good reasons why, in addition to upper back pain, neck pain and headaches, upright posture plays an important role in the use of the Backpod®.

So in the long run, the daily use of smartphones and laptops, in addition to a huge increase in back pain, neck pain and headaches, also leads to a decrease in one's drive, self-confidence and personal well-being. With the Backpod® and the accompanying exercise program, you can counteract this development and return to a natural, upright posture. To achieve an upright posture, you need sufficient muscle support so that you can hold yourself correctly upright automatically and without effort (while sitting or standing). In addition, hardened muscles must be stretched and the spine made flexible again in order to return to a natural posture in the first place. The Backpod® was specially developed to stretch the hardened, bent upper back. The shape as well as the hardness of the Backpod® is consequently needed to be able to stretch the usually curved spine again.

Another advantage of using the Backpod® is that you automatically become taller. By stretching the upper back, you finally stand upright and natural again. Through a simple treatment approach at the therapist or a visit to the FitnessStudio, you often achieve this effect only in the short term. Supplement your visit to the fitness studio, the yoga or Pilates session by using the Backpod®. The Backpod® and its associated exercise program are an excellent complement to your personal sports program and therapy with your physiotherapist. Take advantage of the opportunity to use the Backpod® at home or on vacation, regardless of time, and become pain-free again.

Literature recommendation:
The American Harvard professor Dr. Amy Cuddy has written a comprehensive and convincing book about the connection between posture and professional success in her bestseller "Presence" (published by Orion, 2016 - ISBN-10: 140915601X - ISBN-13: 978-1409156017). In this context, she also takes up the effect of the Backpod® in her book. Take a look for yourself.


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