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iHunch/ Text neck

On average, we humans look at our smartphone once every 12 minutes. Due to the forward bending posture, our neck muscles (especially in the upper trapezium) have to work more intensively than if we held our head upright and looked straight at the smartphone. With the resulting angle of inclination (when looking at the smartphone), for example, more than 27 kg of weight rests on our (neck) spine. In 2013, 18 to 24-year-olds spent an average of 8.83 h per day in this position. This inevitably leads to an overload of our neck muscles, which have to hold the high weight. As a result of the overload, muscle cells tear, which then scar and harden. Therefore, in addition to the Backpod® application, we recommend simple massage techniques that relax our stressed neck muscles and counteract the scarred fibers.

Recent statistics already indicate that the cell phone neck (iHunch) is the biggest orthopedic problem of modern times (related to the upper spine). Statistically, one in six people already have acute upper back or neck pain or headaches as a result of neck problems. That's why you should take care of your spine so that it is up to the challenge. With the Backpod® and the complementary exercise program of stretching, strengthening and massaging you can counteract the problem.

The Backpod® was specially developed for groups of people who are frequently exposed to a bent-over posture in everyday life or at work. Thus, it is a grateful aid for all computer users (especially users of laptops, tablets and smartphones), dentists, chefs, surgeons, bank employees, gamers, hairdressers, builders, nursing mothers, drivers, anyone with ankylosing spondylitis, Scheuermann's disease (Scheuermann's osteochondritis), nurses, caregivers, cyclists, seamstresses, jewelers or teenagers with slack posture. Health professionals, especially surgeons and dentists, bend twice in everyday life. Due to their work, they have to take care of their patients in a bent posture. Laptops and smartphones used in their free time are also used in a bent posture. This inevitably leads to permanent poor posture.


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