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Regardless of how fit or well-trained you already are today, you can improve your performance by filling your lungs with more air and, consequently, more oxygen. The intake capacity of the lungs is often limited by a constricted chest, especially since many athletes today also bend over their computer and smartphone. The Backpod® is especially effective in unblocking blocked chest joints. So if you can take in more oxygen by using the Backpod® and its exercise program, you will also be able to increase your athletic performance.

If rotation in the upper part of the body is limited, this indicates that there is tension in the chest and therefore a physical limitation. You can test this yourself. Sit up straight on a bench or table. Turn your upper body to the right and left. Normally, a rotation of about 90° is possible without any problems. Your shoulders form a line with your thighs. If your joints in your back are tight or hardened where the ribs are suspended from your spine, you will not be able to make the rotation as far. You also won't be able to take a deep breath because the locked rib joints won't allow it. Shortness of breath can also be due to a chest that is too tight and is not necessarily a problem in the lungs. This is often overlooked by doctors.

The Backpod® is particularly good for stretching these posterior rib joints. Other aids for treating the spine, such as foam rollers or exercise balls do not work here. Because of the long, cylindrical shape of a roller, no targeted pressure can be applied to the blocked rib joint. All balls and rollers are simply too unstable, so you can't release the muscle stiffness. If the aids are too soft, like a rolled towel or tennis ball, not enough pressure can be applied.

The small, stable and tapered shape of the Backpod was specifically designed to stretch tight rib joints. Our 30 years of manual physiotherapy experience in New Zealand has shown that, from a scientific point of view, there is no other method that is as effective as the Backpod®.

When you have no tension in your chest, it doesn't just mean you can take in more oxygen. It also means that you can rotate your upper body fully and more easily again. This is especially important for some sports. If you can rotate your upper body better, then regardless of your strength and fitness, you will be able to hit the ball farther in golf, badminton, field hockey, tennis, squash, etc. There are no two opinions there. It's like saying that if you release the handbrake, your car will go faster - of course. You will also be able to run, walk and swim better.


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