The Backpod® is designed to stretch a curved and stiffened upper and middle back – to relieve back and neck pain.

Ideal for treating costochondritis, increasing breast mobility and perfecting your posture.

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We’re happy you’ve found us! The Backpod® is an award-winning treatment tool,
designed to stretch your joints free.
We’ve used our 30 years of expertise to develop the Backpod® to free up a tight
upper back and rib cage. We know what actually works when it comes to treating

The Backpod® is designed to stretch out a bent and stiffened upper and middle
back. When the joints in the spine have jammed up enough, and the very tough
tissue surrounding them has tightened, you can’t free them up using your own
muscles or body movements. It’s no longer enough to just “sit up straight” – you
haven’t got the leverage to unlock a specific joint or stretch out the stiffened
ligaments around it on your own.

You’re about to change your life and save money by reducing the need for
expensive spine unlocking treatments, as you can do it with the help of the
Backpod®. Your own body weight provides the force, and the shape of the
Backpod® localises it to the particular areas that need to free up.
It requires no electricity and is easy to transport. Some users may find it
uncomfortable, but that comes with all useful stretching. It’s made using a
polycarbonate core (the same material used in jet windscreens) and surgical
rubber cushioning.

It’s recommended to use Backpod® whilst lying down, but it can even be used
whilst sitting, especially by commuting drivers – brace against the steering wheel
for extra stretch. It is small enough to fit into a handbag or luggage – so it’s easy to
take away with you.


1. To start off with, we recommend placing three pillows on a floor. This is because your spine can be really tight, and too painful to put much leverage on to start off with. You can gradually reduce the pillows to allow for a stronger stretch (it can take up to two or three weeks to get to no pillows).

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2. Lie back with the Backpod roughly between the shoulder blades.

3. Bring your hands up above your head, chin tucked in and knees up.

4. Your upper body will now be lying on the Backpod, stretching out the spine in the opposite direction to all the forward bending that happens during a normal day.

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5. Hold the position for roughly 30 seconds then slighly re-adjust, so you begin to work the Backpod to the top of the back, up to shoulder level and out to the sides to stretch the rib hinges. Rememeber to keep your chin in and your shoulders relaxed, so that it stretches the pectoralis muscles and you’re getting a complete stretch.

We recommend doing this for several minutes every evening. It may take a few weeks for things to loosen enough for you to not feel soreness.

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The Backpod® is immensely strong – polycarbonate is the same material used in jet
fighter windshields. We’ve even driven a BMW over one to test it! So we don’t think
it’s going to break when anyone lies on it, and we think it will last for many, many

Use a warm, damp sponge or towel, and also mild soap if necessary to clean the
outer green layer of the Backpod®.

Do not wash the Backpod® under a tap or submerge it in a sink or basin – the
internal core may fill up with water. Do not put the Backpod® in the microwave,
dishwasher, washing machine or oven. Do not remove the flexible green outer
layer of the Backpod® as bending it backwards may possibly cause internal cracks
in the synthetic rubber.

Width: 12,5 cm
Height: 5,5 cm

Total weight : 365g

Green santopren: 225g
Blue core: 140g
Recycling: 100% recyclable

Manufacturer Bodystance Ltd. Studio 9,

31 Dowling Street Dunedin 9016, New Zealand

Import: Bodystance GmbH, Berliner Platz 10 D-97080 Würzburg, Germany



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