On average, people check their smartphones every 12 minutes. Bending forward requires the muscles down the back of the neck (especially the upper trapezius) to work several times harder than when the head is upright. It’s like holding a heavy pack or suitcase on your head. In 2013, the average U.K. 18-24 year-old spent 8.83 hours a day hunched over laptops, tablets and smartphones like this. Unsurprisingly, the muscles will often strain. The body’s repair of torn muscle cells involves scarring (adhesive fibrosis) – which is non-elastic. That’s why the Backpod®’s programme includes simple home massage – to break up tethering scarring fibres and so restore the muscle to its normal healthy flexibility.

Recent indications are that the iHunch is now the biggest upper spinal problem in the modern world.  Statistically, one in every six people reading this will have acute pain in their upper back or neck, or headaches coming from the neck – right now.  What you can do is treat and look after your spine so it’ll handle lots of hunching – over phones or computers or anything else. That’s what the Backpod® and its home program of stretching, strengthening, massage and posture are for.

The Backpod® exactly suits other hunching problems as well – it’s specifically designed for all groups and medical conditions with problems from bending forward. So it’s for all computer users (and especially for laptop, tablet and smartphone users), dentists, chefs, surgeons, bank tellers, gamers, hairdressers, builders, nursing mothers, drivers, doctors, anyone with ankylosing spondylitis, Scheuermann’s Disease (Scheuermann’s osteochondritis), nurses, cyclists, seamstresses, jewellers, slouching adolescents – and anyone else who’s getting sore and hunched. Health professionals, especially surgeons and dentists, get a double hit of hunching – bending over patients at work and then over the usual laptops and smartphones away from it. Here’s how they can care for themselves, not just others.

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