What is Backpod?

The Backpod®  is a real treatment tool to free up a tight upper back and rib cage.  The Backpod® is designed to stretch out a bent and stiffened upper and middle back. When the joints in the spine have jammed up enough, and the very tough tissue surrounding them has tightened, you can’t free them up using your own muscles or body movements. It’s no longer enough to just “sit up straight” – you haven’t got the leverage to unlock a specific joint or stretch out the stiffened ligaments around it on your own.

You can do it with the help of the Backpod® though. Your own body weight provides the force, and the shape of the Backpod® localises it to the particular areas that need to free up.

It requires no electricity and is easy to transport. Some users may find it uncomfortable, but that comes with all useful stretching. It’s made using a polycarbonate core (the same material used in jet windscreens) and surgical rubber cushioning.

It’s recommended to use Backpod®  whilst lying down, but it can even be used whilst sitting, especially by commuting drivers – brace against the steering wheel for extra stretch.  It is small enough to fit into a handbag or luggage – so it’s easy to take away with you.

Product Sheet

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